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The time span of 1492-2014 is isolated as a context for study of the United States society, and the African movement for liberation that develops within it. Not being an indigenous creation, this modern White economic system was initially transplanted from Europe by the first White invaders who came into the Western Hemisphere.


The White Christian religion, the European-centered educational system, the White supremacist legal system, White-benefiting economic system, the Whites only political system, the White supremacy social system, and the White-centered cultural system were all derived from European societies.


The complex basis, superstructure, and ideological reflection started small and eventually grew into what it is today. It was a racist system, created in the image and interest of Whites from its inception, basing its very existence on: (1) the extermination of indigenous Chechimecans, (2) the seizure of their land, (3) the kidnapping and enslavement of the African population, and (4) the working to death of millions of Africans. In its death throes, today, this moribund White society will show all of the genocidal tendencies which were present at its founding.


There is so much talk about the society we live in and not much if any serious study of the fundamentals of how it structurally started. Short of condensing over 400 years into an algorithmic formula, this little handbook should light the path for those serious enough to begin studying social phenomena as a process.


People make history but not as they choose, the conditions they are born into existed decades and even centuries before they ever lived. This is not merely about special individuals in history; historical conditions create individual opportunities. Remember this, if you do not know comprehensively where things were, you cannot predict where things will be and therefore cannot develop a plan reflective of what must be done under those present known conditions.

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