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KMT (Indigenous African Population)

KMT (Indigenous African Population)


Kmt from its inception was a purely indigenous Black African civilization that emerged demographically from inner Africa (the South toward the equator) along the Nile river flowing from Ethiopia and drained into the delta regions of northern Africa, where invading populations came in, settled, expanded demographically, seized power and ultimately destroyed it.


The Hyksos, Hittites, Libyan, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks, western Europeans, and the present-day Arab populations are all invaders. All destroyers.

We show you, with over 550 pages (00 newly added color pages) in this full-color book, the indigenous Black African populations of the Kmt civilization, (that built the monuments, temples, universities, wrote the literature, medical and mathematical formula, moral codes, astronomical coordinates, and fashioned the scale models of what was to be, before bringing it into being) before it was destroyed by invasions from non-Black Africans who contributed nothing to the advancement of the civilization.


In fact, these invaders have done everything from carting off monuments to digging up the bodies of our ancestors to parade around the world.  In our text KMT (Indigenous African Population) we present to you in full-color, images to transform your mind, to reorientate your thinking, to better direct your rebirth. 

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