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Metu Neter 5

Metu Neter 5


All health scientists are in agreement that the stress of emotions—fear, anger, worry. Grief, guilt, depression—is the chief underlying cause of ill health. It is what in spite of a good diet and healthy lifestyle will make you vulnerable to infectious disease, cancer, and all degenerative illnesses. And with all the many challenges in this modern world there is no wonder why illnesses induced by stress are so rampant and increasingly so.


Yet, man was designed to meet all challenges of life with peace and joy. Ra Un Nefer Amen gives a detailed step by step instruction on how to apply the Metu Neter—11 laws of God—to achieving the state of energy called Hetep, Nirvana, Shalom, Salaam, Wu Ji in various spiritual traditions. It is the state in which man transcends all possible stress reactions to challenges and establishes thus a permanent peaceful and joyful response that brings about the healing of existing illness, maintenance of health and the realization of longevity.


Metu Neter, volume 5 is accompanied by a guided meditation CD

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